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About The Trip

Euro Israel is an amazing way for teens to tour Europe and Israel while simultaneously exploring their Jewish heritage. Euro Israel provides teens with memories and inspiration that last a lifetime and truly gives them the Best. Summer. Ever.

  • 10th, 11th, 12th Coed
  • $11,000
    + $500 Application Fee
  • Scotland, England, Amsterdam, Israel
  • 4.5 weeks
  • July 1, 2024 - August 1, 2024
Travel to Israel

Transition from old Europe to modern day Israel. With your new knowledge of the Jewish past, experience the land of Israel in a new way.

Relive European Jewish History

Walk in the footsteps of your Jewish ancestors as you tour all over Europe.

Diverse Staff

From Chicago and Northern California to New York City, each staff member brings their own culture and life experiences to help you better understand what the past and future of the Jewish people means to you.

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    “I never thought it was possible to travel Europe and Israel all in one month, but Euro Israel made that happen. On Euro Israel, I found a new appreciation for Israel and Judaism. I learnt about myself and thought about my future as a Jew. […]
    Ilana Sacolick – Hewlett, NY
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    “Euro Israel was an absolutely life changing experience. The sense of family I felt during Euro was a feeling unmatched by any summer camp or program I have been on. Touring Jewish communities in Europe showed me a new perspective of Judaism that no doubt […]
    Adam Cohen – Oakland, CA
    Oakland, CA

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